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2019 Mystic Stealth Bar Harness Spreader Bar

Mystic Stealth Bar Kite and Stealth Bar Surf

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Ion Kite Knife 2.0


The ideal tool to have on you at all times on the water. Fits into your harness knife pocket (all ION harness have them). The tool is a safety line knife but has a posi star drive head for tightening screws on the boards & straps & a hex fin key.

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Mystic Hook Knife
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Mystic Hook Knife and Sheath

Aluminum knife and pocket can be mounted anywhere on your harness for easy access. The sheath has a loop that you can feed your harness straps through, putting the knife to the left or right of your harness hook. Of course, if you have a preference, you can put the knife anywhere you feel it will be most accessible in an emergency.

This knife isn't guaranteed to save your life or prevent injury, but it works in your favor. That are no guarantees in life. The best thing is that you hope to never need it. However, if you do, you'll be glad you have it.

  • Includes a small loop to mount on any harness by slipping the webbing strap through
  • Cuts lines and webbing
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Not rustproof, rust resistant -- check it often.
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Ozone Hook Knife

Ozone Hook Knife with Stainless Steel Blade, PU covered Pull Loop.

Better to have it and never need it than to need it and not have it!

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Dakine Kiteboarding Hook Knife with Pouch

Dakine's kiteboarding specific hook knife has 2 anodized Aluminum opposing blades for easy and instant cutting. This product does comes with an easy-mounting sheath with sewn-in loop to mount to your harness or other location.

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2016+ Ride Engine Replacement Slider Rope Only

Replacement rope for 2016+ sliding rope spreader bars from Ride Engine.  Fits all spreader bar sizes.

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PKS Kiteboarding Lock Tube
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The PKS Lock Tube works great to replace a broken or missing lock tube from your bar. The lock tube hooks to the spreader. This lock tube functions the same as lock tubes that come standard with most modern bar setups. Attach it to your spreader bar and you can use it with any kite even if the bar system does not have a lock tube.

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Mystic Adaptive Leash Eye

Mystic Adaptive Leash Eye

Perfect for adding a leash connection point to any harness.

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PKS Kiteboarding EZ Leash Connect

The PKS EZ Leash Connect is the perfect product to put your leash attachment where you want it on your harness. Simply larkhead this to the spreader bar, leash ring, or back of the harness to create a quick accessible leash connection point.

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