Here at we have repaired every brand of kite on the market from Old-School 2-line kites to new SLE (Supported Leading Edge) Kites. Over our 20 years in the Kite / wing repair business, has developed Official Partnerships with many kiteboarding companies in the industry like F-One, Ozone, Airush, Liquid Force Kiteboarding, Crazyfly, Slingshot, Eclipse, Wainman, HQ Powerkites, Flysurfer, Flexifoil, Peter Lynn Kiteboarding, Best, Caution, EH, Naish, North, Nobile, RRD, Spleene, VariKites, Ocean Rodeo, Cabrinha, Blade, Starkites, Gin, Takoon, Epic, Mutiny, Gaastra, Core, and GK Globe Kites.

We perform Official Authorized Repairs and warranty work for these companies and guarantee repairs for the life of the kite / wing. also has replacement parts for your kites / wings including bladders, valves, pulleys, bridles, pigtails, custom depower lines, zippers, bars and anything else you can think of for your kite.