tomhac from Wilmington, NC Wrote:

“To think one could go from an unfortunate ending to an otherwise great session (chicken loop popped in the surf, followed by a line wrapping and tearing kite, followed by wild ride to beach) to having my kite back in a week is amazing.  I honestly could not even locate the repair.  Excellent website, excellent email exchanges regarding estimate and repair timeframe, easy printing of required documents…well, everything was easy and very fair.  Top notch service by people who care and understand customer needs.  I won’t ever look elsewhere for my kiting needs.”

Daryl Y. from St. Petersburg, Florida Wrote:

I just got my Cabrinha Crossbow back from you guys and I was amazed that my kite was back together. When I sent it in the kite was in two pieces but its back together and flying great. Thanks a bunch guys

Ron L. from Lakes Bay, Atlantic City, New Jersey Wrote:
Thanks for the quick turnaround. The custom bridle I got was perfect fit and worked great. Keep it up Fixmykite.com Crew

Ballanti M, from Hatteras, North Carolina Wrote:
Awesome Awesome work. I received my Bandit 3 and I couldn't even find the repairs you guys did. Thanx

David P. from Flagstaff, Arizonia Wrote:
I blew 4 baffle walls on my Ozone Frenzy and thought i would have to buy a new kite. Fixmykite put it back together and saved me a bunch of money.

Lemuel M. from Hood River, Oregon Wrote:
Great Custom Lines. I wanted a flyline set with 3 sets of extensions for a total of 30 meters. They worked out great. Thanks Again

Geoff J. from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Wrote:
I have an older slingshot fuel and all the valves were coming off. Fixmykite had the replacement valves in stock and gave me a great deal on buying a bunch of valves. The valves worked perfectly and was easy to install. You guys are the greatest

Craig D. from Alameda, California Wrote:
My best Kahoona had a complete panel blowout and you guys put the sail back together. The graphics on my kite was matched up and looks great.

Jane P. from Haines, Alaska Wrote:
Up here in Alaska we have short peroids of time when we can ride. So when I exploded my leading edge on my liquid force havoc fixmykite.com returned my kite in time for me to ride in my drysuit. Thank you

Chad T. from Jupiter, Florida Wrote:
I had a kid on a bicycle run over my kite and ripped the sail and a strut. I sent my kite to fixmykite.com and the fixed it up in no time. The thing I really like is that the repairs are guaranteed. 

Levon A. from Mosier Wrote:
I needed help building my custom bar setup from my c kite. Fixmykite.com was very helpful and got my setup exactly how I wanted.  Thanks again guys.

Makaio M. from Ventura, California Wrote:
I just got my Liquid Force Envy and the third time I took it out I crashed it on the rocks and blow the leading edge and the sail. When I got my kite back from you guys I could barely see the repairs. Thanks for getting me back on the water.

Tyrone S. from Chapoquoit, Massachusetts Wrote:
I crashed my kite in a tree and had several little cuts in the sail. I thought I could just use duct tape, but that didn't last long. The next time I rode I crashed it again and blow out an entire panel. The rip started from one of the small cuts. I called fixmykite.com and told them what happened. They told me just to send it to them and they will fix it all up. In a short time I had my kite back and ready to fly again.  

Luciano P. from Homestead, Florida Wrote:
Dudes you guys did an awesome job on my kite. Thanks a ton bros

Andrew J. from Marco Island, Florida Wrote:
I had a leak in my Naish Alliance and I couldn't find it. I sent my kite to fixmykite.com and they found the pin hole in my strut in a short time. For now on im send my kite to them. thanks 

Nancy M. from Ft. Myers, Florida Wrote:
Thank you for fixing my kite. It works great. I used it on my recent trip in the Bahamas. I really found you very competent, professional and helpful.

Litewave Dave from Litewave/ GK Kites Wrote:
That warranty repair you guys looked amazing. The customer exploded that leading edge and you guys got it back together perfectly. The customer and I couldn't even find the repair. Thanks again

Kenneth F. from Issaquah, Washington Wrote:
Just wanted to let you guys know how pleased I was with the repair job you performed on my Rev kite that was completed several weeks back. I had tried getting it repaired through many other options that all declined before I stumbled across you guys, and you stepped up and completed the repair quickly, professionally and at a surprisingly low price. I'll gladly pass your names on to other folks. Great job and thank you again.

Ricky H. from Houston Texas Wrote:
I just wanted to say thank you very much for the repair that you did to my 15m Waroo. I had seriously thought about throwing the kite away. I am so glad I sent it to you. I flew it this weekend and it performs perfectly and I am happy to be reunited with the old girl. The repair is barely visible and I'm sure it's stronger than it was originally. To be honest i don't normally bother to thank people for a service that I've paid for, but i was totally blown away (pun intended) by the repair that you did.
I cannot thank you enough!!

Shane V. from Boulder, Colorado Wrote:
Just got it back it looks great! I love the artwork you can barely tell it was repaired, I appreciate the good work!