Control Bar Parts

Replacement bar parts from ends to floats. If you don't see what you need, give us a call, chances are we can order it for you. 361-883-1473
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Naish Smartloop Chickenloop Complete w/Trimline
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Naish Smartloop Chickenloop complete with Trimline. industry standard push away safety release.

List Price: $64.95
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Naish 2009-2016 Chickenloop PU and Lock Tube
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The Naish Chickenloop PU and Lock Tube is the OEM replacement of the lower part of the chickenloop assembly for the push-away release system used by Nasih from 2009-2016 (Smart Loop, Universal, and Fusion.)

List Price: $25.00
Your Price: : $4.95
Naish 2015/2016 Smartloop Kiteboarding Chickenloop w/Push-Away Quick Release

The Naish Chickenloop is the standard quick release on the 2015 and 2016 Fusion bars.  This replacement chickenloop can be used to repair a current bar or used to retrofit a customer bar with the latest push-away safety system.

Your Price: : $79.95

Naish 2012-2016 Factory Depower Trimline

OEM Factory Naish Depower trimline for 2012-2016 Universal and Fusion bars. High strength Spectra Line, stopper ball and expert riders leash connection.

Your Price: : $28.95
Naish Depower line with Stoppers

The Naish Depower Replacement line with stoppers is the Naish OEM Depower Line on Smart Loop Chicken Loop for SLE (Supported Leading Edge).  With compatibility on most Naish kites manufactured from 2009-2013.  The Naish Depower line has a stitched in loop with ferrule on one end for attachment to your smartloop chickenloop.  At the opposite end dual stoppers control the trim line and also give you easy access to depower your kite when you need to.  A quick and easy replacement for your old worn-out line.

Works on most  belowe the bar DEPOWERABLE Naish kites manufactured from 2009 to 2013. (measures 73in in length from end to end)

Your Price: : $9.95
Ozone Foil Stall/Brake Handle
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The Ozone Foil Stall/Brake handle attaches to the 2015+ Contact Water and Contact Race Control bars to convert the bar to Foil Freeride and Foil Race bars. The brake strap attaches around the relaunch balls with a bungee to the steering leader lines. These stall handles come standard on all Ozone snowkites/foils.
Your Price: : $19.95

Slingshot Micro Floats
Slingshot Mirco Floats are perfect for someone customizing their bar. The floats will still allow the a bar to float but without the bulk of the bigger floats.
$10 for a SET OF 2.
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Airush Bar Ends (Sold in Pairs)
These bar ends work really well for trainer kit bars and also if you are building a custom bar.
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